A Film Festival Celebrating Independents!

We are hands-off curating a festival of movies recommended to us by independent cinemas, film clubs, producers from across nothern Europe.

We trust the passion and independent spirit that these friends of ours pour into their cinemas and sop we asked them for film tips and are going to simply screen what they send us!

The CANDYBREADKINO Festival will take place at Hypnos Theatre, in the centre of Malmös Kulturljudzon, a charming gem of a cinema, where buttery fresh popcorn aroma gives way to gusting whiffs of Big Bread, … while the sweet scent of fresh, warm, gooey candy, once so sticky icky in the room, is a distant memory for the oldtimers … but packaged, chewy, delightful and available for purchase at our cafe.

We are going to see some great films that you’re unlikely to see up on the big screen anyplace else than CANDYBREADKINO Festival – brought to us by friends who know great cinema from Prague, Berlin, Lille, Brussels, Ghent, Amsterdam and Oslo!



Tuesday 17:30


Franciska Eliassen, Norway, 2022, 80′, Norwegian w Eng subs

We are in a small town far up north with Eira, seeking along with her, to understand her older sister, in her diary, in dialogues and in evocative dream sequences. Recommendation from Norsk Filmförbund

Tuesday 19:00


Origin, Year, Running time, Director, Spoken Language, Subtitle language


Tuesday 20:15


Belgium, 2023, 42′, Yves Cantaine, French w Eng subs

Led by spirit of Emily Dickinson “I dwell in Possibility –A fairer House than Prose –” documentary director Yves Cantaine delves into his personal and familial archives, exposing the material to questions, to possibilities, the confined quest toward liberation, becomes a poetic dance through time and space. Recommendation from Gsara, Brussels

Tuesday 21:30


Germany, 2012, 79′, Lucian Busse, German w Eng subs

Filmmaker Lucian Busse documents the transformation of Berlin after the Wall with protagonists reflecting on how that temporary feeling of freedom shaped their individual lives, and to what degree that freedom can still be found among the neat order of today’s Berlin. Catch the viral creative feeling, delivered rough and direct with Berlin humor that is Berlinized. Recommendation from Lichtblick kino, Berlin

FESTIVAL PROGRAM | Wednesday, June 19

Wednesday 17:30


Norway, 2021, 118′,  Itonje Søimer Guttormsen, Norwegian w Eng subs

A humorless woman in her mid-thirties, Gritt – short for Gry-Jeannette – is an ambitious actress from Oslo who wishes to make her mark in the world of performing art, but believes she has been made an outsider by self-appointed guardians of the industry. Recommendation from Norsk Filmförbund

Pas Peur le Ogre 

France, 2022, 8′, Etienne Bonnet, no dialogue

 Craque Ganache 

France, 2024, 4′, Etienne Bonnet, French w Eng subs 

Pending Confirmation  

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Wednesday 20:45


Czech Republic, 2022, 130′, Petr Vaclav, Czech, Italian, German w Swedish subs

Epic biographical film about Josef Mysliveček, the most celebrated Czech composer of the 18th century. Contrary to his family’s expectations, this son of a Prague miller embarked on a journey to Italy, to the very heart of the world of opera to pursue his dream of fame amidst decadence, romance, decay.

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