Tuesday, June 18 | Candybreadkino Festival


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We are hands-off curating a selection of movies recommended to us by an international selection of independent cinemas, film clubs, producers! We trust the passion and independent spirit that these friends of ours pour into their cinemas and so we asked them for film tips and are going to simply screen what they send us!

Program: Tuesday, June 17

17:00 Doors open / Mingle / Introduction 

17:30 Den Siste Våren

Norway, 2022, 80′, Eng subs

We are in a small town far up north with Eira, seeking along with her, to understand her older sister, in her diary, in dialogues and in evocative dream sequences. 

19:15 (Pending Confirmation)

20:00 Dans le Chambre

Belgium, 2023, 42′, Eng subs

Led by spirit of Emily Dickinson “I dwell in Possibility –A fairer House than Prose –” documentary director Yves Cantaine delves into his personal and familial archives, exposing the material to questions, to possibilities, the confined quest toward liberation, becomes a poetic dance through time and space. Recommendation from Gsara, Brussels

21:15 Berlinized

Germany, 2012, 79′, German w Eng subs

Filmmaker Lucian Busse documents the transformation of Berlin after the Wall with protagonists reflecting on how that temporary feeling of freedom shaped their individual lives, and to what degree that freedom can still be found among the neat order of today’s Berlin. Catch the viral creative feeling, delivered rough and direct with Berlin humor that is Berlinized. Recommendation from Lichtblick kino, Berlin


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In the spirit of supporting independent cinemas and film clubs, ticket proceeds from CANDYBREADKINO Festival will support Film i Malmö’s regular screening program and Hypnos Theatre’s crowdfunding campaign. If you are already an active member of Film i Malmö or become one before the festival, you can Login and purchase a festival ticket by making a donation, minimum 50kr.  

About the crowdfunding campaign – 

Hypnos Theatre is upgrading for you! We bought a much more powerful projector and are constructing a projector room! So far you’ve donated almost 50tKr which was needed to accommodate the former occupants of our new room. 6 large looms moved into a space with as many windows (So much better!) so we could build a wall to hide from windows. Perfect Win-Win. But we still need 40tKr to complete the projector installation with ventilation, electricity, calibration…

IT’s going to happen. It’s only a matter of time. How much time depends on you. How long do you want to wait to look up at a beautiful image in a beautiful scene and think, I helped make this. 🙂

XOXO Thank you for doing this together.

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Tuesday, June 17

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