So you’re here to sign up as a member of Föreningen Film i Malmö because you want to see movies together


This is the deal, click on “Add to cart” below the image and then “View cart”. On the next page you’ll need to fill in the form before you can pay.

What you’re paying for is a subscription that gives you free access to all movies presented by Film i Malmö at Hypnos Theatre for the next 3 months. Your membership with a current subscription is all you’ll need – no ticket is required but it helps everyone if you reserve a seat.

The cost, 100 SEK. yes, that means 100 SEK for 3 months.

You’ll also want to know that with this subscription you become a member of Föreningen Film i Malmö for the full calendar year (January 1- December 31)

As a member you can choose how engaged you want to be, but you should know that we need you at our Annual Meeting in september! Otherwise all year round you can volunteer to host at the cinema, you can join a committee to help decide what movies we watch, and much more! we are growing rapidly and always appreciate the invaluable guidance, support and assistance of our volunteers. Talk with one of us at Hypnos or the Annual Meeting 🙂

See you at the movies!

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