Hackitat (2020)


This documentary takes a look at hacking beyond computer screens. In the place were technology and activists meet. Where the need to circumvent state surveillance and surveillance capitalism is severe. Where people see an unfair system in society and find a way to hack it. This is the true hacker habitat.

What compels some people to spend time and energy on building equipment to measure radiation, starting decentralised networks and even committing crimes to create a just society? Who are the people in critical need of encryption and trying to hack the political system?

Delivered in chapter form, this film shows hacker projects and ‘system hacking‘ from Japan, Cuba, Occupied Western Sahara, Belgium and Sweden. These chapters are intertwined with thought provoking interviews where hackers talk about what they do. The film mirrors hacker ethics with the writings of political theorist Emma Goldman. Filmed under a decade, it provides a unique insight into the global political hacker movement.

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 1h 10min

Languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, Swedish

Subtitles: English

Participants: Peter Sunde, Kelly Buchanan, Kiki Tanaka, Sean Bonner, Ismae Callard Betancourt, Tati, Isak Johnsson, Olivia Solis Villaverde, Roberto, Jesus, Frederik Genericsson, Christopher Kullenberg, Raegan Macdonald, Mamine Hachimi Maoulainine, Amelia Andersdotter, Ásta Guðrún Helgadóttir, Joe Mcnamee, Anna Nygård And More

Voice Based On The Thinker, Writer And Activist Emma Goldman’s Texts

Production Group: Alex Veitch (main Tasks Director And Producer), Kristoffer Kronander (main Tasks Editing And Sound)

First Production Group: Alex Veitch, Anon, Mackt (dismantled 2016)

Camera: Alex Veitch, Anon, Mackt, Boris Miranda, Anna Klara Åhrèn, Johanna Wagner, Anna Weitz, Tomellen Boije, Kristoffer Kronander, Patrik Öberg, Kalle Jansson, Equipe Media, Www

Additional Editing: Stina Lundkvist, Alex Veitch, Anon, Boris Miranda

Story Consultant: Patrik Öberg

Voice Over: Lisa Lind Dunbar

First Edition Voice Over: Wiveca Holst

Music: Kristoffer Kronander

Music (end Credits): Deorbit – Hackitat

Logo Design: Johan Barrett

Animation And Grafics: Alex Veitch

Support And Promotion: The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, Tanka Fetast

Funding: All Our Great Crowdfunders, Arbetarrörelsens Kulturfond

In Collaboration With Pråmfilm

Råfilm 2020

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