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Tuesday | March 21 | 19:30


Action – Adventure – Sci-Fi

Nicholas Meyer

US, 1982, 113′, English

We follow up the first Star Trek movie by also showing this more action-packed sequel, widely regarded as one of the best things done in the franchise. So beam yourselves over to Hypnos!

The film plays on the TV series’ perceived strengths; strong character interaction, a credible science fiction future, and intelligent plotting. The principal three, Kirk(Shatner), Spock (Nimoy) and Dr McCoy (Kelley), freed from the first movie’s turgid atmosphere, are able to spark off each other. The genetically-engineered superman Khan makes a worthy villain, Ricardo Montalban breathing new life into his 60s character.
Director Nicholas Meyer maintains a masterful grip on the proceedings. He handles action, suspense, and tragedy with equal aplomb.
The action is aided by the witty, literate script. Themes of pursuit, death, and regeneration are skilfully woven together. Khan quotes frequently from the novel Moby Dick; Kirk is forced to face his own mortality.
Special mention should go to Douglas Trumbull for his superb effects work. The final space battle in the Motarre Nebula is amongst the best ever filmed.
Nick Cramp, BBC

Wednesday | March 22 | 19:30

Moonage Daydream


Brett Morgen

USA, 2022, 135’, English with English subs

It’s a beautifully compiled fast edited montage of Bowie, his music, visuals, interviews both on screen on audio and various clips of his many many influences. Bowie was constantly striving for his art, he was some times lost (mainly during his successful periods) and like all of us he wished could have more time towards the end. Most importantly he was really happy at the end of his life both emotionally, creatively and spiritually. There are loads of previously unseen clips and lots of unheard mixes of songs. Ps I love Bowie, 1980 I bought my first Bowie album on the day of its release (Scary Monsters) and I never looked back. If you’re not a fan, it’s still a fascinating work of art and totally enthralling – a 10/10 – and if you’re not a fan give it a watch and perhaps you’ll see why people were heart-broken when he passed away. Listen out for “Cygnet committee” there’s a lovely choral version at the end, and watch until the end of the credits, David will speak just to you.

(Marilyn Ferninand, AWFJ)

Thursday | March 23 | 19:30

*****Queer Thursdays*****



Sebastián Lelio

Chile / Spain / Germany, 2017, 104’, Spanish with English subs

The story of Marina Vidal (Daniela Vega), a young trans woman dealing with the death of her older male lover, doesn’t offer many surprises: Orlando’s family tries to exclude her from their formal grieving while expressing their disgust with her. Against this unpromising set-up, Vega creates one of the most fully realized, complex characters I’ve ever seen in a film. Her electrifying portrayal honors Marina’s strength and stubborn insistence on being acknowledged, while she and Chilean star Francisco Reyes generate the kind of love and heat that makes their characters’ romance believable and completely satisfying.
(Marilyn Ferninand, AWFJ)

Sunday | March 26 | 19:00


Adventure – Drama – Western

John Ford

US, 1956, 119′, English

John Ford’s is a legend in the western film genre and THE SEARCHERS is often cited as one of his crowning achievements. Filmed in blazing technicolor and teetering more in the vein of later “revisionist” westerns, THE SEARCHERS is an exploration into the rage and despiration of pride and racism. Themes not unfamiliar to audiences of the time at the peak of the civil-rights era.

John Wayne plays the former confederate soldier, Ethan Edwards who, after returning to his brother’s homestead after years of absence, sets out on a blood-thirsty mission to retrieve his young niece who was captured by a group of Commanches. But what is it he is trying to prove? And for whom?

Wednesday | March 29 | 20:00


US, 1959, 92′, English

André De Toth

DAY OF THE OUTLAW is sometimes cited as a western noir. A kind of genre blend that was happening at the time taking the western settings and iconography and blending with the grim, crime-filled themes of film noir.

In a small town in the foothills of the rocky mountains there is a tension building between the homesteading ranchers and the free-roaming cowboys. But when a gang of outlaws decides to set up camp in the town for the night things begin to get much more complicated. The ruthless gang is kept in check only by their leader who may or may not make it through the night. The only question is, what will they do if he’s not there to stop them? Starring Robert Ryan and Burl Ives.

Thursday | March 30 | 19:30

*****Queer Thursdays*****



John Schlesinger

UK, 1971, 110’, English

Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971) is an emotionally rich and visually striking exploration of a love triangle, involving a young bisexual artist, a gay doctor and a straight businesswoman, in then-contemporary London. Not only is it a landmark in the history of gay cinema – and for many more reasons than the epoch-making kiss of Peter Finch and Murray Head – it is also arguably the masterpiece of director John Schlesinger, and one of the best films of the 1970s.
It covers ten pivotal days in a complicated three-person relationship. Dr. Daniel Hirsh (Peter Finch), a fiftyish physician, and Alex Greville (Glenda Jackson), a thirtyish corporate job counselor, are both deeply in love with a rising young artist named Bob Elkin (Murray Head). Bob professes to love both of them – and everyone involved knows the scope of the arrangement – although he moves freely between them. Daniel and Alex must each grapple with the situation, he to come fully to terms with being gay, and she to face her fear of being alone. This brief period is also a possible turning point in Bob’s life, as he lands a major commission for his art but which requires him to go to the U.S.
Sunday Bloody Sunday was nominated for every major award in both the U.K. and U.S, and won several, including – among others – the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards for best picture, director, actress (Glenda Jackson), actor (Peter Finch) and editing (Richard Marden), while screenwriter Penelope Gilliatt took both the Writers Guild of America, USA and the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain awards for best original screenplay.
(Jim Clark, J Clark Media)

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