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Here you can see a selection of our past film screenings

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Oct-horror with John Carpenter

October 12
19:30 (doors 19)
Carpenter, 1982, 109′, Eng w Eng Subs, HD

A research team in Antarctica is hunted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of its victims.

Global Cinema Series : Memories of Underdevelopment

October 14
19:30 (doors 19)
Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, 1968, 97′, Spanish w Eng Subs, HD

Memories of Underdevelopment presents an ambiguous portrait of Revolutionary Cuba through the stream of consciousness of an aspiring writer. The cinéma vérité-like aesthetics and the usage of archival material clashes with the subjective viewpoint of the film’s protagonist. Is Cuba disintegrating or does the problem lie in the worldview of the bourgeoisie, trapped in their own nihilism and unable to grasp the nuances of a convulsive reality?

Presented with support from Malmö Stad

Sunday’s Early Horror Double Feature : Dracula & The Invisible Man

October 17
19:00 (doors 18:30)
Todd Browning, 1931, 75’, Eng w Swe subs, Restored HD

Transylvanian vampire Count Dracula bends a naive real estate agent to his will, then takes up residence at a London estate where he sleeps in his coffin by day and searches for potential victims by night.

20:30 (doors 20:15)
James Whale, 1933, 71′, Eng w Swe subs, Restored HD

A scientist finds a way of becoming invisible, but in doing so, he becomes murderously insane.

Oct-horror with John Carpenter

October 19
19:30 (doors 19)
John Carpenter, 1983, 110’, Eng w Swe subs

A nerdish boy buys a strange car with an evil mind of its own and his nature starts to change to reflect it.

Freaky Friday Double Feature : Halloween & Season of the Witch

October 22
19:30 (doors 19)
John Carpenter, 1978, 91’, Eng w Swe subs, VHS

Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween night 1963, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois to kill again.

21:15 (doors 21)
Tommy Lee Wallace, 1982, 98’, Eng w Swe subs, VHS

Kids all over America want Silver Shamrock masks for Halloween. Doctor Daniel Challis seeks to uncover a plot by Silver Shamrock owner Conal Cochran.

Sunday’s Early-Horror Feature : The Phantom Carriage

Sunday – October 24 – 19:00 (doors 18:30)
Victor Sjöström, 1921, 107′, HD

On New Year’s Eve, the driver of a ghostly carriage forces a drunken man to reflect on his selfish, wasted life.

Global Cinema Series : Neighboring Sounds

October 26
19:30 (doors 19)
Kleber Mendonça Filho, 2012, 131’, Portuguese w Eng subs, HD

An independent private security firm offers its services to a middle-class neighbourhood. Through that trivial situation Kleber Mendonça Filho unfolds some of the persisting tensions shaping Brazilian society. How much does safety cost? Can a sense of community be built around common anxieties? What is the relation between fear and community?

Presented with support from Malmö Stad

Freaky Friday Double Feature : A Nightmare on Elm Street & Dream Warriors

October 29
19:30 (doors 19)
Wes Craven, 1984, 91’, English, VHS

The monstrous spirit of a slain child murderer seeks revenge by invading the dreams of teenagers whose parents were responsible for his untimely death.

21:15 (doors 21)
Chuck Russell, 1987, 96’, English, VHS

A psychiatrist familiar with knife-wielding dream demon Freddy Krueger helps teens at a mental hospital battle the killer who is invading their dreams.

Saturday Night Out

October 30
19:30 (doors 19) DRESS OUT
Jim Sharman, 1975, 100’, English, HD

If you need to know what its about you need to come check it out

Sunday’s Early-Horror Feature : Häxan – Witchcraft Through the Ages

October 31
21:15 (doors 21)
Benjamin Christensen, 1922, 91′, HD

Fictionalized documentary showing the evolution of witchcraft, from its pagan roots to its confusion with hysteria in Eastern Europe.

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