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Here you can see a selection of our past film screenings

Please arrive early. Doors open 30 minutes before showtime.

Wednesday | December 1 | 19:30

Guinea Pig 5: Mermaid in a Manhole


Hideshi Hino, Japan, 1988, 63′, English subtitles, orig title: Ginî piggu: Manhôru no naka no ningyo

An artist finds and rescues a mermaid in a sewer. He takes her home with him and she develops sores all over her body that begin to pustulate and bleed. He uses what oozes from her sores to paint her portrait. When he can no longer handle it anymore he breaks down and dismembers her body.

Thursday | December 2 | 19:30

A Single Man

Drama – Romance – LBGQT+

Tom Ford, USA, 2009, 99′, Swedish subtitles

A Single Man’s sleek surface may go against Isherwood’s crisp, understated prose, yet the story’s beating, wounded heart and its spiky intelligence still come through, personified in Firth’s moving, eloquently internalized performance.

Friday | December 3 | 19:30

Troll 2

Comedy – Fantasy – Horror – Cult

Claudio Fragasso, Italy, 1990, 95′, English subtitles

A young boy is terrified when his family’s vacation is haunted by vile plant-eating monsters from his worst nightmare; the spectre of his deceased grandfather assists his attempt to save his beloved family. Also, there are NO trolls in this movie, only goblins.

Sunday | December 5| 19:00

Wild Palms

Drama – Mystery – Thriller – TV series

Bruce Wagner, USA, 1993, 133′, VHS

LA in the near future, Harry Wykoff accepts a job as presidents of a gigantic TV company. Het is confronted with a total new technology called “The New Reality” where three-dimensional TV animated pictures are projected in living rooms all around the world. Harry launches to the top of the company with his career but once there he is caught in a web of intrigues, betrayal and murder. A game of life and death begins.

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