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Tuesday | May 30 | 19:30

Life in transformation

Documentary – Music

Godfrey Reggio

US, 1988, 99′, Hopi / English / Spanish with English subtitles

Five years later after the success of Koyaanisqatsi, Godfrey Reggio pairs up again with composer Philip Glass and produces the second chapter. Here he turns his gaze on third-world nations in the Southern Hemisphere. Using a meditative slow motion Reggio reveals the beauty of the traditional ways of life in those parts of the planet and how the environmental crisis effects them and destroys their habitat.

Wednesday | May 31 | 20:00

*****Camp Classic Musicals from Hollywood’s Golden Age*****


Comedy – Musical – Romance

Howard Hawks

US, 1953, 91′, English

Howard Hawk’s has a string of legendary movies in all sorts of genres from screwball comedies to sci-fi thrillers to westerns. But GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES is maybe one of the crowning jewels (or diamonds?) in his career. Starring the incomparable Jane Russel and Marilyn Monroe with legendary musical numbers such as “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” and the incredibly campy “Ain’t There Anyone Here for Love” in which Jane Russel is surrounded by a room full of nearly nude and barely interested exercising olympic athletes, it’s hard not to be taken away by the glitz and glamour of this production.

The story follows two best friends, both looking for love on a trans-atlantic cruise, but the film is really more about their strong devotion for each other rather than to any man. Throughout the film they never waver in their commitment to stand by each other as they cause quite a stir among a number of the passengers on the ship. Full of great comedic performances and rich colors, this is a true delight on the big screen.

Thursday | June 1 | 19:30

*****Queer Thursdays: WEST SIDE STORY*****


Crime – Drama – Musical

Steven Spielberg

US, 2021, 156’, English

Part two in our West Side Story duology – Spielberg’s 2021 remake!

Set in 1950s New York, this screen production of the 1957 Broadway musical is a retelling of Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Julliette as it follows the love story of Tony and Maria who are kept apart by their connection with rival gangs – the white American Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks. In the context of Film i Malmö’s long running series – Queer Thursdays – our focus is drawn to a supporting character, Nobodys, and how their portrayal has changed in the 60 years from the original film to Spielberg’s remake.

“For many years, queer audiences have flocked to West Side Story and seen themselves represented in the gender non-conforming character Anybodys.
In the original 1961 film, the character is depicted as a tomboy who desperately wants to be accepted by the Jets, a gang of white boys who wage a territory war on a rival Puerto Rican gang. Anybodys was played by Susan Oakes in that film and their gender identity was never really explored in any meaningful detail – which is exactly what you would expect for a film released in 1961.
Now, West Side Story has been reinterpreted through the lens of Steven Spielberg – and this time around, it’s made abundantly clear that Anybodys is trans. Throughout the film, Anybodys – played brilliantly by non-binary actor Iris Menas – fights tirelessly to be accepted into the Jets, and he pushes the all-male gang to see him as one of their own.”
(Patrick Kelleher, Pink News)

Monday | June 5 | 19:00



parts 15 & 16

Crime – Drama – Horror

Mark Frost & David Lynch

US, 2017, 18 x 60′, English with English subtitles

Nothing needs to be said. Or, rather, nothing will be said other than:
We will watch TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN on nine consecutive Mondays, two parts at a time, starting at 7pm. When if not now? Where if not at Hypnos Theatre?

Sunday | June 11 | 18:30

*****Sunday Dox*****


Documentary – Biography – Music

Martin Scorsese

US, 2011, 208′, English

Welcome to Sunday Dox series! Every other Sunday this summer we will show a new documentary introducing you to an amazing world of documentary filmmaking!

We start with an in-depth portrayal of one of the most elusive and mysterious Beatle – George Harrison. Many called him ‘A Quiet Beatle’ but what is actually behind this man?

Martin Scorsese directed and co-wrote the script, making one of the most honest and authentic portraits of an artist.

Monday | June 12 | 19:00



parts 17 & 18

Crime – Drama – Horror

Mark Frost & David Lynch

US, 2017, 18 x 60′, English with English subtitles

Nothing needs to be said. Or, rather, nothing will be said other than:
We will watch TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN on nine consecutive Mondays, two parts at a time, starting at 7pm. When if not now? Where if not at Hypnos Theatre?

Tuesday | June 13 | 19:30

*****30TH ANNIVERSARY*****


Action – Adventure – Sci-Fi

Steven Spielberg

US, 1993, 127′, English

Come celebrate this historic Dino-versary! In June 1993, this behemoth of a blockbuster first premiered in US theatres. Now, 30 years later, the beasts are once again unleashed on the big screen!

“Spielberg treads gradually, building up an impending sense of menace over the first hour with evolutionary arguments hammering home the theory that dino-recreation is a Really Bad Thing. Then he lets rip on an unforgettable second half, with set piece after set piece. So the script and the performances aren’t exactly Oscar material, but it scarcely matters given that the real stars here are the ILM-created dinosaurs, a miracle of modern moviemaking…
Cliché or no, there’s no getting around it – quite simply one of the greatest blockbusters of all time.”
Caroline Westbrook, Empire

Sunday | June 18 | 19:00

*****Sunday Dox*****



Frank Pavich

France/US, 2013, 90′, English/Spanish/French/German with English subtitles

Did you know that before David Lynch’s ‘Dune’ was another attempt to make the film by no one less than cult film director Alejandro Jodorowsky?! This ambitious project never made it to the screens but left an impressive legacy and impact on the sci-fi films of the time, including ‘Star Wars’ saga.

Tuesday | June 20 | 19:30



Larry Charles

US/US, 2006, 84′, English/Romanian/Hebrew/Polish/Armenian with English subtitles

The misadventures of a fictitious Kazakh journalist, named Borat Sagdiyev, who travels through the United States to make documentaries, which feature real-life interactions with unsuspecting Americans.

A witty mockumentary comedy film directed by Larry Charles and starring Sacha Baron Cohen.

Tuesday | June 27 | 19:30

*****30TH ANNIVERSARY*****


Action – Crime – Drama

Andrew Davis

US, 1993, 130′, English

After our Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Screening, here comes another classic blockbuster from the summer of 93. Harrison Ford plays the unfortunate Dr Richard Kimble, whose life falls apart when his wife is murdered, and he gets innocently sentenced do death for it. He goes on the run and try to find the killer himself, while being relentlessly chased by cop Tommy Lee Jones, who don’t give a damn if he’s guilty or not.

“Andrew Davis’ “The Fugitive” is one of the best entertainments of the year, a tense, taut and expert thriller that becomes something more than that, an allegory about an innocent man in a world prepared to crush him.

Like the cult television series that inspired it, the film has a Kafkaesque view of the world. But it is larger and more encompassing than the series: Davis paints with bold visual strokes so that the movie rises above its action-film origins and becomes operatic.

Thrillers are a much-debased genre these days, depending on special effects and formula for much of their content. “The Fugitive” has the standards of an earlier, more classic time, when acting, character and dialogue were meant to stand on their own, and where characters continued to change and develop right up until the last frame. Here is one of the year’s best films.”
Roger Ebert, 1993

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