About Film i Malmö

Founded in December 2018 as a non-profit organization with the broad mission to support local film culture, Film i Malmö rents the venue, Hypnos Theatre, to build a vibrant social atmosphere where everyone – casual movie-goers, filmmakers and devout cinephiles, alike – feel most welcome. 

Thanks to a few highly-devoted volunteers, responsible for programming, promotion and hosting, Film i Malmö has screened a diverse selection of over 400 films.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to present films in accordance with our agreement with SwedishFilm and on special occasions with support from Malmö Stad.

Film i Malmö
Norra Grängesbergsgatan 15
214 50 Malmö

If you are a filmmaker or organization interested in more information or discussing a possible collaboration, please write to us at info@filmimalmo.se.

Films included in our Global Cinema Series (Fall, 2021) are presented with support from Malmö Stad.

2022 Board of Directors:

owen kraus



owen (at) filmimalmo.se

owen is a cofounder of film i malmö and hypnos theatre. he is a very efficient anarchist, at his best in collaboration. prone to overanalyzing aesthetic gestures in film and literature. in a parallel universe, he is special agent dale cooper.

Aaron Kepler



aaron (at) filmimalmo.se

Aaron is a life-long movie fan who’s been living in Malmö for the past 8 years. He enjoys all types of cinema but has a soft spot for cult and off-beat films from the 40s-80s, from classical hollywood musicals to quirky giallo thrillers. He’s also a member of the curatorial team Klubb Revival. 

Paul Gardner



info (at) filmimalmo.se

Paul is the other cofounder and head of operations at Hypnos theatre. You may see him sleep through action movies, but that’s only because he’s more into slow film, and takes care of everything that happens here.

Sebastian Mehrstedt




Sebastian is a full-time wage slave embittered by the lack of adequate leisure to become a person. His feverish fascination with cinematic explorations of the endless aesthetic qualities of freedom only makes things worse. Alas, he is also the association’s éminence grise managing its capital.

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