FILMIMALMO.SE is envisioned as a subscription-based streaming site for films and festivals produced in our city and the surrounding region. Revenue generated by the website will be used to pay contributing filmmakers. If you are a filmmaker or organization interested in more information or discussing a possible collaboration, please write to us at info@filmimalmo.se 

Founded in December 2018 as a non-profit organization with the broad mission to support local film culture, we partnered with our home venue, Hypnos Theatre, to build a vibrant social atmosphere where everyone – casual movie-goers, filmmakers and devout cinephiles, alike – feel most welcome. 

Thanks to a few highly-devoted volunteers, responsible for programming, promotion and hosting, Film i Malmö has screened a diverse selection of over 200 films. Today we are an organization with 500 members and continue to welcome new members at nearly every screening. 

Almost 100% member-financed, to date, we have received only one 700€ start-up grant from Fritidsförvaltning that was essential for our survival during the organization’s first slow season (July-August 2019). All membership dues are invested in building a stronger organization to support film culture, with more than 90% of expenditures in our first 15 months used to pay for theatre rental, films and film rights.

In March 2020, in agreement with Hypnos Theatre, we cancelled screenings and postponed our programming indefinitely. Under these new circumstances, which included the possibility of a long-term suspension of screenings, we decided to invest significant resources in constructing this site!

Film i Malmö screenings at Hypnos Theatre resumed in May 2020 for a limited audience in compliance with Folkhälsomyndighetens recommendations. Reminder these are closed screenings for registered members of Föreningen Film i Malmö. Everyone is eligible to become a member and can sign up here

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