About Film i Malmö

Founded in December 2018 as a non-profit organization with the broad mission to support local film culture, Film i Malmö partnered with its home venue, Hypnos Theatre, to build a vibrant social atmosphere where everyone – casual movie-goers, filmmakers and devout cinephiles, alike – feel most welcome. 

Thanks to a few highly-devoted volunteers, responsible for programming, promotion and hosting, Film i Malmö has screened a diverse selection of over 200 films. Despite operating at half capacity and being forced to suspend programming for four months of the calendar year, we had over 800 active members in 2020.

Film i Malmö
Norra Grängesbergsgatan 15
214 50 Malmö

If you are a filmmaker or organization interested in more information or discussing a possible collaboration, please write to us at info@filmimalmo.se.

Films included in our Global Cinema Series (Fall, 2021) are presented with support from Malmö Stad.

2021 Board of Directors:

Paul Kraus (chair 2018-present)

Sebastian Mehrstedt (treasurer 2020-present) kassa(at)filmimalmo.se

Marina Boskovic

Amir Noghabai

Jakob Sahlström

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