Hi – You have three choices below.

What’s the “Streaming membership“? It’s a direct connection between local filmmakers and you. ALL the site’s revenue will be used to pay contributing filmmakers! If there’s money left over, we’ll make a festival with prize money or commission a new work from a local artist. In the meantime, you get to watch short and long films, new and old, in genres including documentary, art, video and fictional narrative for the next three months! All these films are produced in the Öresund Region! New films will be uploaded every week with exclusive extras like director talks.

How about the “Theatre membership“? If you’re familiar with our organization (you might even remember the recipe cards!) this is simply our new method for you to register as a member of Föreningen Film i Malmö. You’ll be welcome to attend any of our closed “Film i Malmö Presents” screenings at Hypnos Theatre and vote at our Annual Meeting.

And the “Theatre + Streaming membership“? Well this one includes all of the above and throws in a little discount. This is the best way to support an organization that works hard for it’s members. We encourage you to read the About page to understand our history and motivations.

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